Ticks Could Live in Your Front yard: Do Not Believe the Myths

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The myths that ticks only live in wooded areas can cause trouble at your home. The truth is, ticks live anywhere grass is tall and thick. If they can hide in anticipation of their victim, they’ll certainly take advantage. This means ticks can and will infest your lawn at home.

It’s bad enough that ticks attack humans, attaching themselves to the skin where they suck blood until removed. Ticks carry diseases they may pass on to their victim, primary Lyme disease. However, they also attach themselves to our pets and cause a world of trouble.

Ticks are not easy to spot and they’re very sneaky pests. You should check your body very well after coming inside during the summer. Give kids and pets the same check. Remove clothes and prompt wash them for added protection against ticks.

Do not make the same mistake others have made and assume that you are not in danger of a tick bite because you do not go camping or into the woods. You could already have a tick problem and not know it. They’ll live anywhere they can.

And of course, make sure you schedule a professional to come to the home to provide tick control services in Friendswood. There are a few ways to ensure ticks do not invade your property. With tick control services, you have one less worry because you know that the home is protected at all times.

tick control services in Friendswood

Ticks are a parasite offering no value to the world. And they’re very frustrating and scary. Do not give them a chance to ruin summer fun or make you or your pets sick and arrange pest control services soon. You will be glad that you did.